‘Bachelorette’: How Sean’s Blowing His Shot With Emily

Emily and SeanSpoiler warning: The man leaving tonight is…

Emily Maynard sent Sean Lowe packing on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette. The final two guys are Arie and Jef. Who will she choose? Stay tuned for our full recap!

Original story: It’s coming down to the wire, Bachelorette fans. And it’s anyone’s game to win — or lose. 

But Sean Lowe just might be blowing it. On a preview of tonight’s episode posted on People.com, the insurance agent grapples with those three words every woman wants to hear: I love you. 

“The love that I’m experiencing with Emily is quite different than the love that I’ve had in the past,” he says. “So desperately I just want to open up and tell her how I really feel which is ‘I love you.’ It’s hard to say those words and it’s always been hard.” 

For the record, he has no problem saying the words to a producer in his interview package but when he’s face-to-face with Emily on the beach, the L word is downright stuck on his uvula. And he reverts to tween girl lip-biting. But he does manage to eke out an, “Um, oh, um.” 
Not so smooth, Sean, considering both of the other guys, Arie and Jef, have been pretty effusive with Emily. Jef gushed about Emily to us recently, saying that if daughter Ricki “is anything like Emily, then she has an amazing head on her shoulders … she is an amazing, amazing girl.” 
Come on, Sean, we’re rooting for you. Suck it up and say those three little words. Your beautiful blond future babies are counting on you.