Barney Will Find Romance With An ‘Ugly Betty’ Alum on ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Becki NewtonRobin and Nora may leave Barney all by his lonesome, but it seems that he won’t be lonely for long. Becki Newton, who you may recognize as the hilarious thorn in America Ferrera’s side on Ugly Betty, will join the CBS series in January long enough to steal the playboy’s heart during the second half of How I Met Your Mother’s seventh season.

And after being dumped by two lovely ladies, Barney isn’t headed for just another one or two episode romance. Newton will be around for a few episodes in a recurring role, once she makes her first appearance after the midseason break. Newton’s character is named Quinn and I can only hope she’ll bring some of that signature snark tinged with a lovable level of elitism that she trained us to love in her time on Ugly Betty. Sure Newton and NPH will be adorable together, but it would also be pretty great to put Barney with a female version of himself, no?

Source: TVLine