‘Bates Motel’ Recap: But Norma Would Never Even Hurt a Fly!

Bates Motel Recap

So you’d think Norman would be flying higher than a kite after presumably sleeping with Bradley last week. But your mother’s arrest for murder could be a bit of a buzzkill. Poor Norman. Every time he tries to express a natural human urge something horrible happens that you just know will inevitably taint sex for him forever. The first time he hung out with Bradley and her friends, his mother was raped. Now he actually sleeps with Bradley, and Norma is arrested.

Norman met his mother at her attorney’s office, and she wouldn’t even return his gaze. Dammit, she will be the only woman in her son’s life! When he asked her to just look at him, Norma obliged with the creepiest stare you’ve ever seen in your life. She wasn’t much nicer to her attorney, who was trying to come up with a self-defense story for why she killed Keith Sommers, a guy with a known history of violence. Norma wouldn’t have it. She was so morally justified in her actions, she didn’t have to explain herself at all. The charges would just somehow miraculously be dropped.

Well, maybe it is reasonable to think that way when your boyfriend is a sheriff’s deputy working on the case. Cue Creepily Sexual Dialogue Between Norman and Norma #1: When she indicates that she can get Shelby to fix the case in her favor, Norman replies with “What are you going to have to do for that?” We all know, Norman. Norma fired back with Creepily Sexual Dialogue Between Norman and Norma #2: “You went out and got laid when I was staying home and worrying about being taken away from you!” She ended up telling him to get out of the car and walk home. So wait, is Norma going to turn on Norman and disown him the way she did Dylan?

Who should be driving along right behind them to pick Norman up? Dylan, of course. After they originally came to blows in Episode 2, they’ve become pretty close buddies. And now Dylan’s offering for Norman to come live with him, as soon as he can squirrel away enough money from working with the mobsters for him to rent his own place. Even if the case against Norma is dismissed, the offer still stands for his brother to come live with him.

So just as expected, Shelby fixed the evidence in Norma’s favor…ensuring she’ll be his pawn forever. He removed the carpet fiber from the Bates House that had lodged in Keith Sommers’ watch, which I guess was the sole piece of evidence against Norma. The case was dismissed.

Unfortunately, Norman knew that Shelby was a bad, bad guy after seeing that sex slave he kept in his basement. He wanted to forget about that whole incident and focus on his mom’s situation, but they’re kind of inseparable. His other “girlfriend,” Emma, wasn’t about to let it drop, so she roped him in to exploring Keith Sommers’ boat. A boat he probably used for human trafficking, possibly in collusion with Shelby. They found the boat, and, my, it was yar. But its sole passenger was…the sex slave they found in Shelby’s basement! She came out ready to fight, fearing she was about to horribly abused once again. But they calmed her down and brought her back to Bates House. Norma was not pleased. But they showed the girl a newspaper photo of Shelby and she recognized him right away. Now Norma couldn’t deny that her boyfriend is a sex slaver. Things are going to get ugly.

Things weren’t too great for Dylan either. He had just borrowed money from his fixer employer Ethan so that he could rent a place for him and Norman, when a junkie shot Ethan in the neck. The guy started bleeding out, but will most likely survive. Later, Dylan found that junkie wandering in an ally, revved the gas, and ran over the guy. We’ve got some cold motherf***ers on this show.

Oh yeah, and while we’re talking about resentment and all, Norman was a little upset that Bradley hadn’t returned his phone calls ever since their apparent tryst. What gives? Of course, Bradley’s rival Emma suggested it was just a hook up and not indicative of a real relationship. Either way, Norman’s distrust of blondes is really starting to settle in.

What did you think of “Ocean View”? Are you impressed by the swift clip of the show thus far? Is it moving too fast?

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