BBC Will Reveal Twelfth Doctor On Sunday, and It Just Might Be a Woman.

Credit: BBC America

Big news, Whovians! This Sunday at 7 pm UK time, the BBC will announce who will be playing the twelfth Doctor. The announcement will be made during a live show hosted by Zoë Ball, and she will be joined by Matt Smith and Steven Moffat. And for any Americans that want to watch, that’s 2 pm on the East Coast and 11 am on the West Coast.

Bleeding Cool says that Smith and Moffat “will join Ball on the show with the man or woman who will be playing the new Doctor.”

This is likely just an effort to be gender normative, but then again, there is the possibility that the new Doctor is woman — hopefully Helen Mirren. I bet my bow tie that Helen Mirren would make a magnificent Doctor.

Steven Moffat has also talked about the possibility of casting an older Doctor. John Hurt played the Doctor in the series seven finale, and lately there has been a lot of support for The Thick of It star Peter Capaldi.

But come on, even Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman, thinks that the new Doctor should be a woman. “The character of River Song was so popular in the last part of the series and it [had] such an impact — why shouldn’t we have a female doctor?” he told ITV’s Daybreak. “Give it a whirl. If it doesn’t work, she can always regenerate — she can always regenerate back to a man. I’ve been there — I’ve watched them do it.”

I would nominate Alex Kingston for Doctor if she wasn’t already playing River Song. But even so, I think it’s time for the Doctor to try being a woman for a while. The costume ideas alone are endless. And, actually, think of the fun a female Doctor would get into with River Song. They’d be quite the fabulous pair.

But even if the new Doctor is a male (which is, honestly, what’s likely going to happen), it will still be an exciting time. It’s always fun, and a little scary, when a new Doctor comes on board. So tune in Sunday to see who will be the twelfth Doctor. Allons-y!

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