‘Beauty and the Beast’: Bridget Regan On Vincent and Alex’s ‘Romantic’ Episode


Despite Catherine’s claim that she was going to fight for Vincent’s heart at the end of last week’s Beauty and the Beast, she’ll have a hard time getting her happily ever after thanks to Vincent’s ex-fiancé Alex, who is determined to pick things up where she and her former love left off 10 years ago when he shipped off to Afghanistan.

But Alex still doesn’t know Vincent’s secret side, a.k.a. the beast that comes out when he gets angry. Will she finally find out the truth in tonight’s episode, “Cold Turkey?” And if she does, will she still be so eager to leave the country with him?

Hollywood.com couldn’t wait until tonight’s episode to get answers, so we went straight to the source herself: the lovely Bridget Regan, who plays Alex. Read up on all of the juicy scoop we could get out of her:

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Hollywood.com: So is Alex ever going to find out Vincent’s big secret, or is he determined to keep her in the dark?

Bridget Regan: “That’s the challenge and also a part of the appeal of why Vincent is enjoying being around her — she doesn’t know this whole ugly part of him that is the reality of who he is now. He gets to live in the past and live in the fantasy without anyone looking at him like he is a beast.”

Even though she knows part of the truth – that Vincent is presumed dead for government reasons – she still didn’t understand why he couldn’t give the police his name last week. Why did she not piece that together?

“Alex has no idea, which is hard to keep in mind. So something like breaking in to the ice rink and getting caught by the police is not a big deal to her. The reality has started to set in for Vincent, after having to face Catherine after bailing him out. She might need to find out. That’s Vincent’s predicament. Alex is just living in this la-la land. She thinks she can just run away with him and join this Doctors Without Borders thing. She’s oblivious.”

Is Alex going to find out that Catherine is more than just Vincent’s handler?

“Alex started to get this instinct of, ‘Something’s going on here. Something’s amiss. Maybe’s there’s something more between him and Catherine.’ But she didn’t want to believe that. Everyone’s been in a situation that is obviously one thing but your mind really wants to believe the story. She just loves him so much and they were together for so long but then he disappeared. She was told he was dead. She’s really in a lot of shock about the whole thing. She is just happy to have the man she loves back in her life because she hasn’t found anyone else like him.”

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Why do you think JT is on Catherine’s side of the love triangle? He hasn’t been her biggest fan in the past.

“What’s interesting is that we grew up together. Me, JT, Vince, Vince’s brothers, we all lived on the same street, went to the same school. We were all friends. It’s interesting that JT wouldn’t side with Alex considering they have this history together. But JT also has a lot more knowledge of the reality of the situation than Alex does at this point. He really understands the best out of anyone what’s happening to Vincent’s body and mind and Alex has no idea, whereas Catherine does. And Catherine is on his side and defending him and comes to his rescue when he needs it. So I think I can understand why he would root for her instead of Alex.”

Tell me about tonight’s episode, “Cold Turkey.”

“Alex wants to take Vincent away for a weekend to her family’s cabin in the woods. It was this special place for Vince and Alex when they were a young couple and they would go there to get away from it all and be alone. Alex wants to pick up where they left off and go have a romantic weekend. So she goes and asks Catherine for permission if she can take him away because she still thinks Catherine is his handler. She’s trying to follow the rules and be respectful, so that’s why she goes and asks for permission. And a lot happens, but Alex just wants to reconnect with him in a really romantic way.”

Beauty and the Beast airs Thursdays at 9 PM ET/PT on The CW.

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