‘Beauty and the Beast’ EP Brian Peterson Talks Tonight’s Romantic Ep

Beauty and the Beast

Get ready for some romance, because Beauty and the Beast is celebrating Valentine’s Day! In tonight’s episode, “Trust No One,” Vincent (Jay Ryan) is determined to make up for leaving Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) for his ex-fiance Alex, and decides the best person to turn to for romantic advice is… J.T. (Austin Basis)? 

Hollywood.com screened the episode in advance, then got to chat with executive producer Brian Peterson — who he was more than happy to point out the irony in Vincent asking J.T. for romantic advice. “We thought that some of the fun was two guys trying to figure out what’s romantic, and going to the tried and true clichés that we all think are ridiculous,” Peterson says. “But then the idea of the flash mob came up and we were like, that’s awesome!”

Yes, you read that right: Vincent sends Catherine a flash mob as a big romantic gesture. “It’s so not Vincent,” Peterson says. “He’s clearly making this huge gesture, because it’s probably not something he would get in a million years. But seeing the joy on his face watching Catherine enjoy it is what he was going for.” 

Despite the romance in tonight’s episode, don’t expect Cat to go running right back to Vincent so soon after he ditched her. “It’s difficult, because not only externally but internally they have a lot of issues now,” Peterson says. “If he just ran back to somebody that quickly, Cat’s going to be a little retiscent to let him run right back to her. It’s going to cause some internal conflicts, and every other part of the show starts to implode on them in the external road, as far as the other people in their lives at the precinct, Muirfield — it all comes back in right when they’re trying to figure out their own relationship.”

And speaking of external problems, the professional and personal partnership between Cat and Tess is going to hit a snag tonight. In fact, Tess has a pretty bad Valentine’s Day overall, thanks to her secret relationship with their boss, Joe, which hasn’t been featured on screen as much as the producers wanted. “Here’s the thing about Tess and Joe, their scenes keep getting cut because our shows are too long,” Peterson says. “They have a whole love story that you’ve never seen, because every single episode is like 10 minutes over. Hopefully it’s coming through on screen that they’re having a clandestine, secret relationship. They’re really in this tight situation, because he and his wife have been having a lot of problems forever. Things are basically done with his wife, but he has a kid in the middle and that’s what’s hard for him. He’s trying to be a good father, but he very much cares about Tess and is hoping to move forward with her.” 

What does that mean for Tess in the future? “Tess is our window into what a normal person who doesn’t just immediately meet a beast and fall in love would think about all this. And so she’s going to have a really interesting journey in these next few episodes in her relationship with Cat and her relationship with Joe and in her relationship with the vigilante,” Peterson says. 

And as for Alex (Bridget Regan), the last time we saw her she was freaking out after seeing Vincent’s beast form. What will she do now that she knows the truth about him? You’ll see her make some questionable decisions tonight that put both Catherine and Vincent, as well as herself, in some dangerous territory. “What I love about our characters is that they are always in action and very motivated,” Peterson says. “[Alex is] not the kind of person who is just going to sit back and let things happen to her. She really believes that she is going to find a way to help Vincent. She didn’t listen, or she listened and decided Cat was wrong and she could fix this better than Cat could.” And you’ll never guess who she turns to for help…

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