Ben Affleck Reunites With His Jilted ‘Lover’: Late Last Night

Ben Affleck tried to cash in his time spent in a leopard print Speedo with Jimmy Kimmel for discount Disneyland tickets. Of course, Kimmel tried to choke back the “tears” as Affleck shared all about his lovely wife and their impossibly picturesque lives.


Glee’s Chris Colfer opened up about rumors of his citrusy death on Conan and revealed that in addition to singing like an angel, he’s also a secret ninja. (No I’m not kidding. I wouldn’t lie about something this awesome.)

Elvis Costello serenades a member of the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon audience and she gets him feeling kind of “husky.” It wasn’t exactly “Allison” but hey, how often does Elvis Costello sing to you?

30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander a.k.a. The World Champion stopped by The Daily Show to share the “most important book in Karate history”: How to Beat Up Anybody.

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Perez Hilton stopped by Lopez Tonight to gossip about as many stars as he could in a 10-minute span and to proclaim himself the “Gay Latino Oprah.” I don’t know… maybe if instead of giving away cars and talking about women’s issues, Oprah snapped her fingers in z-formation and proliferated bitchy comments and cartoon penises on celebrities’ faces.