Ben Falcone and Jay Mohr Join TV Land

Ben Falcone TV LandFull disclosure: we are big fans of Mr. Melissa McCarthy aka Ben Falcone. So when we heard the news he was finally getting a show of his own that might get picked up (CBS recently passed on a pilot he co-wrote and starred in), we did a very Napoleon Dynamite-esque “YES!” from our chair. According to Deadline, the show, titled I’m Not Dead Yet, is TV Land’s first single-camera pilot. (Their other shows are all multi-camera.)

Written by Jon Sherman (of Fraiser fame), the show is about Sandy (Falcone), a man who finds out that he has a rare heart condition that could leave him dead as a doornail at any given moment. Sheesh! The crisis-inducing revelations brings clarity for Falcone’s character, whose then decides to start speaking his mind and living life to the fullest. I believe this is what they call a YOLO Show. (Just kidding no one says that because no one is that terrible.)

Falcone is most well-known for his Target commercials and as the hilarious counterpart to his wife’s character Megan in Bridesmaids, also known as Air Marshall Jon. When it comes to this show, we’ll take the first watch. No! We know; you’re not actually an air marshall. We’ve got first watch.

Also joining the TV Land family is another comedian, Jay Mohr, who’s taking on a role in Brothers-In-Law. The show (which sounds like it will be filled with zany antics and total shenanigans), revolves around a husband (Josh Cooke) and the eccentric new boyfriend (Mohr) of his wife’s fraternal twin sister (Ellen Woglom), who have nothing in common but the sisters that continually force them to bond. Crazy!

These two shows continue TV Land’s foray into the comedic landscape, with their returning shows The Exes and Hot in Cleveland.

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