Ben Stiller Brings Derek Zoolander to ‘Saturday Night Live’

This weekend, Saturday Night Live welcomed Ben Stiller as host. Beyond his upcoming film Tower Heist and in-progress projects like Neighborhood Watch and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the biggest Stiller-related news is likely his development of a Zoolander sequel. In January, Stiller made promising remarks about the film, including the fact that Will Ferrell will return as Mugatu. More recently, Owen Wilson stated a few things that we should expect about the Hansel character.

So it’s no surprise that Stiller wanted to embrace his own character, Derek Zoolander, during his hosting gig. Seth Meyers’ Weekend Update segment featured consistently hilarious recurring character Stefon (Bill Hader) delivering tips about enjoying the Halloween season in New York City. To help plug some of the area’s more high profile events, Stefon welcomed Derek Zoolander to the segment. Stiller delivered all of the necessary components of a Zoolander monologue: misunderstanding of simple words, a clumsily named charitable organization, and, of course, a new look.