Top 5 ‘Breaking Bad’ Memes

In the age of social media, a show’s ratings aren’t nearly as important as how many memes it generates. So in honor of the farewell season of Breaking Bad, here’s a few of our favorite GIFs inspired by everyone’s favorite outlaw meth cooks.

1. Walter White Nyan Cat mashup


TV’s surliest suburban drug baron reimagined as the internet’s perkiest kitten.

2. The Breakfast Club Flynn


Walter White Jr. made over as iconic John Hughes Everyteen.

3. Jesse’s so money


At Casa Pinkman, his drug zombie buddies party all night and mong out all day on his dime, in return for trashing his house like Licensed to Ill-era Beastie Boys on crystal meth. 

4. Fun Jesse


AKA: Why we love this show so hard.

5. And last, but by no means least awesome… register this.


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