The 20 Best Episodes of ‘Parks and Recreation’

The final season of Parks and Recreation is about to premiere, and we’re not ready for the beloved comedy to end. We’re going to miss the residents of Pawnee so much, it’s going to take a huge amount of breakfast food to console us. Season 7 is set in 2017, but before we head to the future, we’re taking a look back at our favorite episodes from seasons past. It was literally the hardest decision ever to narrow it down, but we channeled our inner Leslie Knope and powered through. 

20. “Woman of the Year” – Season 2

Our introduction to the best recurring character, Jean-Ralphio.

19. “End of the World” – Season 4

A touching episode about what the characters would do if this was their last day on Earth.

18. “Flu Season 2” – Season 6

We learn that there are Knope-Wyatt babies on the way!

17. “Halloween Surprise” – Season 5

Tears of happiness from Ben’s proposal, and tears of laughter from Jerry’s fart attack.

16. “Moving Up: Part 2” – Season 6 finale

It would have been the perfect series finale, but we’re so thankful that there’s more to come.

15. “Media Blitz” – Season 3

This episode features Ben Wyatt at his most awkward, which is saying a lot.

14. “The Debate” – Season 4

Leslie’s moving speech made us wish we could actually vote for her.

13. “Telethon” – Season 2

When Leslie is sleep-deprived, she is even more zany than usual.

12. “Harvest Festival” – Season 3

The episodes where the whole team comes together to accomplish something are the most heartwarming.

11. “Win, Lose, or Draw” – Season 4

We get to see Leslie achieve her dream of being elected a city councilwoman. 

10. “The Trial of Leslie Knope” – Season 4

Ben and Leslie decide they don’t want to hide their love anymore, and it’s adorable.

9. “Li’l Sebastian” – Season 3

When we sadly had to say goodbye to our favorite miniature horse.

8. “The Comeback Kid” – Season 4

Watching the whole gang slip on the ice is hysterical. 

7. “Hunting Trip” – Season 2

The funniest gun safety lesson we know of.

6. “Ron and Tammy” – Season 2

We see a completely different side of Ron when he rekindles an extremely dysfunctional relationship.

5. “Leslie and Ben” – Season 5

We can’t imagine a more perfect wedding for an amazing couple.

4. “Pawnee Rangers” – Season 4

Our lives were never the same after learning about “Treat Yo Self” day.

3. “Fancy Party” – Season 3

April and Andy’s relationship might have moved fast, but it ended up working out great for them.

2. “Flu Season” – Season 3

Delirious Leslie is hilarious, but she still gets the job done.

1. “The Fight” – Season 3

The Snake Juice scene is iconic, and shows why Parks and Rec has one of the best comedic casts on TV.