15 Best Quotes from Lena Dunham’s New Book

As we all know, Lena Dunham is a multi-faceted talent. With her ability to create, produce and even star in her show Girls, it’s no wonder that she’s also a bestselling author. Not That Kind of Girl delves into what Lena has learned over the years, whether it’s about her first time having sex or how Hollywood treats women.

Not That Kind Of Girl has all the qualities we’ve come to love in Lena’s work. It’s blunt, it’s hilarious and it’s beautifully written. Not surprisingly, excerpts from her book seem to be something that could come out of her character on  Girls, Hannah Horvath’s, mouth. She openly admits that her own life has inspired her writing on the show, and we paired moments from Girls with excerpts from Not That Kind of Girl  to show the uncanny resemblance.

1. “A friend once told me that when you’ve been in AA, drinking is never fun again. And that’s how I feel about having seen a nutritionist- I will never again approach food in an unbridled, guilt-free way.


2. “Fellows: If you are rude to me in a health-food store? I will be intrigued by you. If you ignore me in a group conversation? I’ll take note of that, too. I especially like it when a guy starts out rude, explains that it’s a defense mechanism, and then turns out even ruder once I get to know him.”


3. “She asks me about my worst quality, and I say I can be very self-involved.”


4. “Throughout the day I often ask myself, could I fall asleep right now, and the answer is always a resounding yes.”


5. “When I was nine, I wrote a vow of celibacy on a piece of paper and ate it.”


6. “You’ve learned a new rule, and it’s simple: don’t put yourself in situations you’d like to run away from.”


7. “When she writes, which isn’t often, I get insanely jealous of the way her mind works, the fact that she seems to create for her own pleasure and not to make herself known.”


8. ” I have written sentences about how the first time we made love it felt like dropping my keys on the table after a long trip.”


9. “You will find that there’s a certain grace to having your heart broken.”


10. ” I would be a horrible girlfriend at this point in my life, because I am both needy and unavailable.”


11. “My mother and I have a massive fight when I choose to wear a banana-printed belly shirt and pink leggings to the Vatican.”


12. “It made me feel silenced, looney, and far away from myself, a feeling that I believe, next to extreme nausea sans vomiting, is the depth of human misery.”


13. “I am thinking particularly of a shower I took where the lower half of my body was under the running water and the upper half was laid out on the bath mat, eating a loaf of bread.”


14. “I deserved kisses. I deserved to be treated like a piece of meat, but also respected for my intellect.”


15. “I have the nagging sense that my true friends are waiting for me beyond college, unusual women whose ambitions are as big as their past transgressions whose hair is piled high, dramatic like topiaries at Versailles, and who never, ever say ‘too much information’ when you mention a sex dream you had about your father.”



“…whose hair is piled high, dramatic like topiaries at Versailles, and who never, ever say ‘too much information’ when you mention a sex dream you had about your father.”