Bethenny Frankel Gets A Talk Show

Bethenny FrankelSomeone actually decided that we didn’t have enough Bethenny Frankel. The former member of the Real Housewives of New York City and even formerer Apprentice of Martha Stewart is getting another show, in addition to the Ever After… series (in production for a third season) in which she stars on Bravo. This latest deal, reportedly a talk show, is being developed in cooperation with Ellen DeGeneres and Telepictures.

The company, which produced Ellen as well, offered DeGeneres control over new projects for Warner Brothers TV and Horizon.

Frankel’s program will warrant a variety of segments. Although filming is underway, a location isn’t yet finalized (although producers are looking at New York as a top choice), and they’ve yet to develop material.

Frankel says she looks forward to communicating with fans and showcasing her eccentricities in this new format.

Source: Hollywood Reporter