Bethenny Frankel: I Want Mila Kunis To Play Me In My Movie

bethenny frankelIf these Real Housewives shows have taught us anything it’s that these ladies know how to dream big, which is exactly when Bethenny Frankel is doing. The Real Housewives of New York star is gearing up to release her first novel, Skinnydipping, which hits stores May 1, and she’s already talking about making it into a big screen adaption.

“I’ve been approached for the book to be a film and a television series,” the 41-year-old star admitted to the Associated Press in a recent interview. “My gut says it really is a film; maybe later it could be a TV series. It has the arc, the story, the characters to be a film.” And just who would she like to see play the fictionalized movie version of herself? Frankel reveals her ideal casting pick would go to the lovely Mila Kunis.

“When I thought about the lead character, I thought about people like Mila Kunis,” she said. “Expect the unexpected. I think that Mila Kunis would be perfect.” But if Kunis is unavailable for the role, Frankel would be more than happy to nab Glee’s Lea Michele as a second choice (dream big much?).

And while this wish list seems a little ambitiously far fetched, it inspired us to cast the rest of the RHONY crew with real stars as well. Behold, box office gold:

Kathy Griffin as Jill Zarin

When looking for an outspoken, fiery red-head absolutely no one fits the bill better than Griffin. This star would be the perfect blend of humor and insanity to convincingly fit in as one of the gals.

Jessica Simpson as Sonja Morgan

Good old Sonja never really knows when to keep certain things to herself — a problem that Simpson seems to be facing throughout the course of her pregnancy. This Queen of the Overshare would have no problem spilling all of the intimate details of her life to the world because…well…she already does.

A Younger Joan Rivers as Ramona Singer

Sure this 78-year-old star is a little old to play a 55-year-old woman, but she’s just too perfect for the part to pass up. If you’re looking for a person made up of 100 percent sarcasm and snark, then Rivers is definitely your go-to girl. Like Singer, Rivers never has a problem saying exactly what’s on her mind. And we can’t help but love her for it.

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel as Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen

Some Hollywood couples you’d never expect would end up together and these pairings definitely fit the bill. So while Williams and Segel aren’t looking to tie the knot anytime soon (as far as we know), their unusual match up and apparent love for Brooklyn would make them ideal casting gems.

Barbara Streisand as Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

Though I never thought I’d ever be using those two names in the same sentence, it actually could be a pretty great set up. It’s Housewives royalty meets music royalty — with a little Meet the Fockers thrown into the mix. And let’s be honest, LuAnn’s music cred could definitely use the upgrade.

Christie Brinkley as Kelly Bensimon

Gorgeous, sweet, and a killer fashion sense — all three of these words immediately come to mind when thinking of these two ladies. Not to mention they both have mutual modeling experience. Indeed, Brinkley’s all-American good girl appeal would be a great (and much needed) fit among such an array of eccentric characters. There needs to be at least one sane person in this bunch.

You’ve heard our suggestions — now it’s your turn. Who would you cast to be portray this dramatic group of girls. Sound off in the comments below.

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