You Will Never Believe What Bethenny Frankel’s First Sitcom Role Is

Bethenny Frankel The Neighbors

It was announced back in January that Real Housewife of New York-turned-syrupy alcohol magnate and professional divorcee Bethenny Frankel would do a guest starring role on ABC’s shockingly popular aliens comedy The Neighbors. But just who she is playing might be a little surpring, espeically now that ABC has made photos and the plot details available to the public. 

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ABC’s press release reads, “Debbie is thrilled when a tough-minded businesswoman (guest star Bethenny Frankel) offers her a chance to revitalize her purse business. Jackie jumps in to help, but her negotiating skills work a little too well, and they’re soon in way over their heads trying to produce an impossible number of purses.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound too nuts, but guess what Bethenny’s character’s name is? Jill! Yes, as in her archnemesis Jill Zarin, who has since been fired from the Real Housewives… and whose Google Alert for her own name just pinged (Hi, Jill). It had to be weird spending days on set responding to that name she’s heard so many times. Maybe she’s going to whip out her infamous Jill Zarin impersonation on the episode, which airs Wednesday, March 20. 

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[Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless]

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