Betty Draper’s 10 Worst Parenting Moments

January Jones, Mad MenAMC

Betty Francis might just be one of the worst mothers on TV. She’s the kind of mom that routinely inspires reviewers and writers the Internet over to off-handedly joke about Sally and Bobby’s future psychiatry bills. The kind who has whole super-cuts devoted to her worst moments. Her infamous parenting skills often toe the line between twisted humor and legitimately horror, to chillingly good effect… so without further ado, let’s take a look at her greatest hits (sometimes literally):

10. The recent “Eat your candy” line of dialogue is sure to go down in Mad Men history along with other favorites, such as “Not great, BOB!”


9. That time she locked Sally in a closet. That is like, Mrs. Trunchbull-level bad.

8. All the times she yelled at her kids to “go watch TV.” (Other variations include: “Go upstairs,” and “Go to your rooms.”)

7. The iconic dry cleaning bag scene.


6. All the times she called Sally fat – as in, “It’s so horrible to put girls that fat in a leotard.”

5. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that she derisively called her 10 year-old child a “little lesbian.”

4. The best “I’m bored” rebuttal ever:


It may as well be written on her tombstone.

3. The infamous Thanksgiving yams incident, pictured above.

2. The awful way she handled her father’s death, re: Sally: “She’s a child; she’ll get over it!”

1. And here it is, Betty’s number one worst parenting moment:




Ironically, this was one of her better moments as a parent.