‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap: Amy & Sheldon Boldly Go Where No Couple Has Gone Before

the big bang theoryOut of all the characters on The Big Bang Theory it’s safe to say Sheldon is the most non-committal of the bunch, at least when it comes to relationships. But “The Launch Acceleration” allowed fans to see a different side to our lovable genius, revealing exactly what it takes to win over his heart. Leonard and Howard also had to deal with their own personal commitment issues throughout the episode, but Sheldon’s is the one that’s going to leave everyone anxiously waiting to see what happens next.

During one of their scheduled date nights as per Sheldon’s “Girlfriend Agreement,” Amy announces that she’s decided to move their relationship to the next level by conducting an experiment that will help increase Sheldon’s feelings for her. How? By associating herself with everything that he loves. She chose the Super Mario Brothers theme song to play while they ate dinner, cooked him his favorite meal (spaghetti with cut up hot dogs), and even provided him with his favorite beverage, Strawberry Quik. She basically did everything and anything she could to make him happy, and it worked, prompting Sheldon to have a very rare guy-to-guy moment with Leonard where he confessed to having Amy on the brain even while particle dissections. That’s a pretty big step for Sheldon considering how little the female gender has affected him in the past.

But Amy wasn’t the only one trying to make strides in their relationship. After Penny finally decided she wanted to kick things up a notch with Leonard on a physical level, he decided to do the same — but on an emotional level. While they were having coitus (as Sheldon would call it), Leonard accidentally proposes to Penny halfway through. Now we’ve seen what’s happened when Leonard’s tried to emotionally overload Penny in the past (they broke up after he said “I love you”), so obviously she was a little freaked out. But after he wisely gave her some space, she politely rejected his offer but was still more than willing to continue with their relationship. I believe that’s call progress. There may be hope for these two crazy kids yet.

And then there’s poor Howard who was desperately trying to get out of his commitment with NASA. At the beginning of the episode, he finds out his trip to space has been cancelled, which leaves him feeling utterly relieved. It’s the perfect way to save face in front of Bernadette and his friends without having to actually put himself in any danger. So when the program tries to put him on an earlier launch that would coincide with his wedding day, Howard does everything he can to make up an excuse why he can’t go, even going so far as to say Bernadette’s father would be furious if they pushed back the wedding date. But, after having a chat with his soon-to-be father-in-law, Howard discovers being an astronaut is the one thing Bernadette’s father actually likes about him, making him feel obligated to go. It looks like Howard’s going to be moon-bound after all.

What did you think of BBT’s commitment-filled episode? Were you excited to see Amy and Sheldon’s relationship progress? Did you think Penny should have accepted Leonard’s proposal? Sound off int he comments below!

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