‘Big Brother’ Recap: Silent, But Deadly 

ALTShhh, everybody listen. What’s that noise you hear? Why that’s the sound of the whisper-friendly Big Brother house shifting in Boogie’s direction after he finagled his way into some of his housemates’ heads and formed the Silent Six. The Silent Six is sort of like Fight Club of Big Brother: You don’t talk about Silent Six, you DO NOT talk about Silent Six, and you definitely don’t let Joe in because of course not.  But, there’s still 12 people left in the game, splitting the Big Brother house right down the middle with the Silent Six and the… Hushed Hexagon? (Doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?)

When we last left off on Sunday, HoH Danielle went against her word and put the always absurdly coifed Wig as a pawn up against threatening curly Frank on the block. (“I think it’s the hair, dawg” Boogie accurately pointed out, despite use of the word “dawg.”) But you know how that old saying goes: “Sheep go to heaven… nasty Southern belles go to hell.” Or something. In what appeared to be seemingly real tears from both Wig and Danielle, the two kissed and made up in record reality show time. This is the lamest fight club ever. 

Of course, not everybody was ready to make nice in the house. Boogie was livid about the house’s move to get Frank out the front door and in what may have been the true reset button of this game, Boogie emerged as both a villain and a hero. (Oh my god, he is Tyler Durden!)
After being approached by Dan to make a coaches’ alliance, Boogie said he had no interest in leaving his man Frank behind. Boogie was not only right (!) in saying that everyone lied to him, but he came off as legitimately sincere (!!) and seemed to be resigned to the fact that if he was going to go out after Frank, he was going to go out with dignity (!!!). Still, this is Boogie, there are some tricks up his sleeve of a shirt that is intended for a man at least 1/3 his age. 
Allegiance to Frank also seemed to be stopping Ian, who hasn’t made any major moves in this game (unless we count that time he kicked himself in the face, which now that we’ve taken on this Fight Club analogy, we totally should), from forming a real strategy. Is he with Boogie and Frank or is he willing to get a little cutthroat? The whole thing made Ian looked like a terribly worried Loris. Well, more so than usual. 
But even when Ian was picked to compete alongside Frank, Wig, Shane, Jenn, and Danielle in the PoV competition he decided to throw it to avoid having any real power. Instead, the baseball toss game came down to a high-stakes face-off between Frank and Danielle. Danielle, not entirely distracted by Shane’s butt in a baseball uniform, held her rank as an HoH still in control of the PoV. “I just got beat by a sorority girl,” cried the son of Sid Vicious
To add insult to injury, Frank got one of last night’s dud prizes. While his fellow players like Jenn, much to the mock excitement of Britney, earned a trip to Maui, Frank was forced to wear the spiritard for 24 hours. Now the key phrase here is “forced” because while Frank lost his coveted PoV and was saddled with the unitard, Ian voluntarily turned down money and a free vacation to willingly act as the house dog for a day. He may have looked like Snoopy in that dog house, but let’s face it, Ian is way more Charlie Brown than Snoopy. 
Still, an alliance was brewing, one that included Ian, for now. He, along with Shane, Dan, Britney, and, of course, Danielle, formed to make the adorably named Quack Pack. I say “of course” because Danielle might just be the most easily swayed person on Big Brother. When Britney complained that Janelle was a two-faced threat after seeing her talk to Frank, Danielle piped in that Janelle was “so beyond rude.” When the Quack Pack was formed, Danielle was right there because someone else formed it for her. (And because, duh, Shane was there.) I’m fairly certain someone could convince Danielle she’s not actually a nurse and that her name isn’t actually Danielle.
Because the force, for better or worse, is so strong in Boogie, he must have sensed Danielle’s eagerness and vulnerability from a mile away. What first felt like an honorable surrender by Boogie quickly, subtly, elegantly transformed into a shift in focus from his main man Frank and onto his mortal enemy Janelle. Boogie didn’t have the PoV this week, but in the end, he didn’t need it. During a tense coaches’ meeting in which Boogie told Janelle to her face he didn’t trust her, a rattled Janelle sat silence, unable to fake cry or pawn her wedding ring to get out of the situation. Boogie, as he does so well, got under her skin. But startling Janelle wasn’t nearly enough to get the job done — Boogie needed backup. 
Enter: the Silent Six. Now, I know the number one rule of Silent Six is to not talk about Silent Six, but since I’m not in it, here goes: Boogie, along with Dan, Frank, Britney, Shane, and, natch, Danielle formed a secret alliance to not only backdoor Janelle to get her on the block against Frank this week, but to seal their fate as the final six players. (This also means Ian is now the lone member of the Quack Pack not in the Secret Six. Woof.) 
As though Boogie had orchestrated it from minute one, everything fell into place. He and his compadre Frank went from walking targets to having the security from the four other strongest players in the house… and he put his sworn enemy Janelle on the block to boot. (Even worse, she got put on the block sans makeup.) Boogie may send douche chills down the spine of every man, woman, and child that watches Big Brother, but there’s also a reason he’s won this game before and looks just as poised to put himself in that position again. What’s that sound? Ah yes, stunned silence. 
While last night’s Big Brother wasn’t quite as thrilling or entertaining as the past few, it was an important one seeing the shift in the house. But what did you think of it? Did Boogie and his comedy routines with Frank and Ian make him — gulp — likable? Or is this all part of his manipulation and scheming? Sound off (very quietly) in the comments section below. 
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