10 ‘Glee’ Inconsistencies That Drove Us Nuts

Glee, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer

Ryan Murphy’s smash hit series Glee may be gone, but it is certainly not forgotten. The sixth and final season wrapped in March earlier this year, leaving legions of “gleeks” with mixed feelings. It’s no secret that the show sported some of the best musical numbers on television (and consistently rocked the iTunes charts!) due to its large-scale popularity.but plot consistency didn’t sing on such a high note. Here’s a list of some of the show’s most absurd plot holes:

1. Quinn Fabray’s “big plans” for NYC
Season two culminated with the New Directions taking on the Big Apple for their annual regional show choir competition. During this time, Quinn was a little salty towards fellow glee club members and threatened the group with “big plans” for their trip to New York City. Unfortunately, the writers seemed to have forgotten or cut out these big, villainous plans, leaving room only for chipper musical numbers and romping around Time Square. Alas, it seems we will never know what was up her sleeve.

2. Rachel Berry’s dreams of being a Broadway star
Arguably one of the most disappointing and illogical plot lines centered around quirky, overambitious protagonist Rachel Berry who would do ANYTHING to make it on Broadway. From the pilot episode to Rachel’s college career, beginning in season four, the driven and overzealous diva is only focused on her career as a thespian. Throughout the show we see her sing numerous show tunes, from Les Miserables to Evita to West Side Story, and after graduation we see her transition to a theater school in New York. Finally, in the middle of season four, the obnoxiously endearing character lands the lead role in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl and all is well with the world…until season five when she decides on a whim to try for a TV role instead, gives up her dreams, and then eventually decides to move back to Ohio and help with the glee club….what?

3. Sue Sylvester’s Allegiance
The insult-hurling cheerleading coach is the glee club’s arch nemesis for the first few seasons. After a while, watching Sue try to sabotage the New Directions for no apparent reason gets a little dry, so the writers spiced things up by making her switch back and forth from helping and hurting the glee club for the show’s remaining seasons.

4. Sue Sylvester’s baby
In season four, Sue decides she wants to have baby. After the baby is born, her baby is seen for an episode or two and then never mentioned again.

5. Kurt and Rachel’s bank accounts
For coming from middle-class families in an Ohio suburb, Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry sure have bottomless funds. After moving to New York as college roommates, the two live in a spacious, Pinterest-worthy loft and gain some seriously high-fashion. They also tend to fly back and forth from the city to their hometown in Ohio an awful lot. But, they also have broken into the Gershwin Theatre and the Vogue headquarters so there could be some criminal activity not explicitly shown…

6. Slushies
Remember those colorful slushies that the jocks used to throw at the glee kids’ faces during the first two seasons? What ever happened to those? Maybe they went out of fashion?

7. Quinn’s wheelchair stint
After a seemingly fatal car accident in season three, Quinn is confined to a wheelchair due to a severe spinal injury. In no time, however, she’s back to singing and dancing. Lima, Ohio must have incredibly efficient physical therapy.

8. Tina’s stutter
When we first met Tina Cohan-Chang, she was an overly shy girl (with a flare for punk rock), finding her feet as a member of the glee club. Later, Tina suddenly admits that her stutter was all a hoax and a method to attract attention. Way to ruin a character, Glee.

9. Will Schuester’s moral values
Mr. Schue made his debut as the lovable, kind-hearted glee club director, committed to keeping the arts in public schools. His infatuation with doe-eyed Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) was a great plot line, until he finally won her heart and then cheated on her with the director of an opposing glee club/Rachel Berry’s biological mom/Idina Menzel. It’s just a little hard for us to let it go…

10. Characters who fall off the face of the planet
Glee is the reigning king of guest star appearances. Often these familiar faces (such as Kate Hudson, John Stamos, Britney Spears, Neil Patrick Harris, Whoopi Goldberg, etc.) were brought in as integral roles for a few episodes. Occasionally however, their characters seemed to magically be forgotten. We know that Idina Menzel is raising Quinn’s baby and John Stamos was divorced by Emma Pillsbury, but what ever happened to the makeover-giving, Carrie Bradshaw-esque Vogue lady played by Sarah Jessica Parker? Come on, SJP.

And while the endless-breadstick-serving diner called “Breadstix” may be one of the only consistent things about this show throughout its many seasons, as one who has journeyed to the hallowed halls of McKinley High and back, it’s the heart and soul of the misfits and their jazz hands-ing musical numbers that kept this show’s song in tune.