Bill Clinton Joins Letterman’s Vendetta Against Leno: Late Last Night

Last night, former President Bill Clinton appeared on The Late Show to explain that in general, Americans are a noble people who do not resent other people’s success…however, there is one exception to this rule: Jay Leno.

Zooey Deschanel stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about an interesting occurrence involving a hallucinating man and a lily pad pond in the audience of her band’s show, and the fact that one of the Jersey Shore castmembers stole her dog’s name.

Rob Lowe visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! to give literally the greatest interview I’ve ever seen. He talks about visiting the White House and having staff members (even President Clinton) pitching him and Aaron Sorkin story ideas for The West Wing.


Finally, Dexter star Michael C. Hall showed up on Conan to talk about his favorite kills, how the dark deeds of his character have started to give him nightmares, and how easy it is to stalk people, and his creepy seven-year-old “biggest fan.”