Bill Pullman Gets Presidential (Again) For New NBC Sitcom

Bill PullmanThere must be something presidential about Bill Pullman. After famously portraying President Thomas Whitmore in 1996’s Summer blockbuster Independence Day, Pullman will continue his legacy or portraying fictional Commanders in Chief by taking the role of President Dale Gilchrist on the NBC comedy pilot, 1600 Penn – a sitcom named suspiciously similarly to NBC’s beloved 30 Rock

The pilot comes from newly-buzzworthy comedy actor Josh Gad, Modern Family director Jason Winer and former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett. From those factors alone, we could probably guess that the series is going to be hilarious, with a sweet family spin, and spot-on political commentary. And we’d be right because the series follows a free-wheeling older son (Gad) who returns home to his family – who just happens to be America’s First Family. No biggie. For Pullman’s role, he’s the President and Gad’s father, a strict man with a strong military background. Brittany Snow was also cast as the First Daughter – and if past experience serves us well, she’ll play Little Miss Perfect to Gad’s surefire screw-up. 
And this may be Pullman’s second turn as a president, but we can probably bet that his famous “Just nuke ’em” line won’t find a home on this family comedy. 
Source: Deadline