Billy Baldwin To Run Crime Ring on ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Billy BaldwinBilly, you always were my favorite Baldwin. It’s not simply because you’re my fellow SUNY Bing alumnus; it’s your understated gallantry, your cavalier sophistication. You’re the working man’s King Arthur, a vivacious Kafka, a post-modern Alexander Pope. And where better to relinquish your dynasty of bravado? Hawaii Five-0.

William (to those on more formal terms with him) Baldwin is donating his talents to the CBS drama for a multiple episode arc this coming season. Baldwin’s character will be an ex-cop, ousted from the force after his corruption is uncovered, who now runs a crime ring with other malfeasant officers. Playing opposite Baldwin in the Hawaii Five-0 stint will be Tom Sizemore (he’s great…not Billy Baldwin great, but great) as the Head of Internal Affairs, and formerly a partner to Baldwin’s character.

Judging Amy’s Richard T. Jones, LOST’s Terry O’Quinn (woo!) and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Lauren German will also be joining the series this season in guest roles.

Source: TVGuide