The 10 Bitchiest Victoria Moments on ‘Revenge’

Revenge might be ending after this season, but Victoria Grayson will always live on. We’re pretty convinced of it, being that she’s already faked her death – more than once. In addition to being the world’s most prolific death-faker, Victoria was the baddest bitch this side of the Hamptons. Whether she was scheming to take Emily down or trading barbs with Conrad, her sass was unparalleled. Bow down to the Queen B.

1. When she dissed Lydia, her husband’s mistress.

2. Whenever she insulted Conrad.

3. Her subtle threats to Emily.

4. The way she swiftly put her “friends” in their place.

5. When her mother returned.

6.  How she always knew the perfect gift.

7. When she bitch-slapped her own children.

8. The way she got out of a dull conversation.

9. The passive aggressive way she kicked Emily out of her house.

10. When she faked her own death and set Emily up for her murder.

We’ll miss you, Victoria!

What are some of YOUR favorite Victoria Grayson moments? Are you sad Revenge is ending? We wanna know!