Blaine Gets Romantic With Kurt in Photos From Next Week’s ‘Glee’

It seems that we cannot go a day without hearing more about what’s coming next on Glee. Granted, after last night’s episode, we’re happy to accept any hints of what may come. Here, we have a glimpse at what we can expect from next week’s episode, “Asian F” — they really know how to name an episode ambiguously, don’t they?

We see Blaine making some sort of romantic overture to Kurt after [warning: spoiler] Artie asks Blaine to compromise his relationship and read for the lead in West Side Story. We find Brittany ruling the auditorium in what we can only assume is part of her rival campaign to Kurt’s student council bid — it looks like she might be winning. We also find Mercedes staring passive aggressively into the distance as her new snuggly bear tries to comfort her — is there trouble in paradise or his Mr. Schue’s criticism of her dancing starting to get to her? Or maybe Rachel gets the lead in the musical and sends Mercedes into an existential crisis? The shot of our West Side Story director’s panel tells us nothing, but aren’t they cute sitting up there together?

The next episode of Glee airs Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.





Source: AOL TV Tumblr