Blake Lively Went Swimming With Sharks: Late Last Night

Guys, it’s not even fair that two people this charming are in a movie together. Blake Lively (who stars alongside Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern) stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she did everything she could to be a cheerful, lovely, adorable person. On top of all that, she’s a daredevil. That’s right, she jumped into the ocean with a bunch of bloodthirsty sharks. Good luck keeping the fanboys at bay, Blake.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone chatted with Jon Stewart about their copious Tony wins for their Broadway sensation, The Book of Mormon. It’s your classic case of rebels beating out rock stars. (And don’t worry, South Park fans, the show is still their number one guy, okay?)

Apparently, Stephen Colbert was so excited to talk to the rebel newsman, Keith Olbermann, that he forgot his pants. Olbermann’s about to make his return to television and Colbert took this opportunity to make sure he’s ready to take on his new post. Now if only someone could teach him not to wear running shoes with jeans.