‘Blue Valentine’ Director Bringing Body Building Comedy To HBO

Ok, there is a better story here, but we have to get all the basics out of the way first. Derek Cianfrance, the director of the heart breaking Blue Valentine, has signed on to adapt Sam Fussell’s 1991 body building memoir Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder into a comedy for HBO. Fussell was a 170 pound Oxford graduate academic before immersing himself in the bodybuilding world and ballooning up to 257 of pure (steroid-aided) muscle. While we’re skeptical about how well Cianfrance can handle comedy considering how dark and dramatic Blue Valentine is and how funny a memoir that exposes the bulimia, homosexuality, and steroid use (among many other things) in the body building world can be, we’ll just toss out the obligatory Hans and Franz reference.

But the REAL story is Ryan Gosling, potential Oscar nominee in Blue Valentine, sang the My Little Pony theme song to Peter Travers:

Now THAT is something to write home about.

Source: Deadline and Pajiba