‘Boardwalk Empire’: Introducing Nucky’s New Arch Enemy — TRAILER

‘Boardwalk Empire’: Introducing Nucky’s New Arch Enemy — TRAILER


Boardwalk Empire“Well, that takes care of that!” thought an elated Nucky Thompson at the end of Boardwalk Empire‘s second season. “From here on out, everything is going to be smooth sailing.” With Jimmy out of the picture, Nucky is a free man. His arch nemesis and biggest threat has been set to rest, which means that nothing and nobody will stand in his way to affluence, power, and happiness. Apparently, Nucky has never heard of cast expansions.

On the upcoming third season, Bobby Cannavale joins the Boardwalk cast as Gyp Rossetti, an Italian mobster who seems to have a violent streak… and maybe, his eye on Nucky’s throne.

The below trailer also features returning characters like Margaret, Arnold Rothstein, Gillian Darmody, Al Capone, and the unmistakable voice of Richard Harrow… many of whom could be trouble for Nucky as well. Check out the new trailer, and catch Boardwalk when it returns to HBO on Sept. 16.

[Photo Credit: HBO]


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