Bobby Cannavale Joins Next Season of ‘Nurse Jackie’

Bobby CannavaleBobby Cannavale, it’s about time for you to do that thing you do again. You know, where you show up for a seasonal arc of a serio-comedy TV series. Your juxtaposition of external machismo with a more substantial sensitivity will charm us all, and we’ll say, “I like that guy. Why hasn’t he starred in anything…that I’ve seen?” So, where to this time, Bobby? How about Nurse Jackie? Yes. You’ll do just fine there.

This coming season, Nurse Jackie will welcome an ambitious new hospital administrator for ten-episodes. Cannavale will represent the conglomerate new owners of the hospital, bent on improving facility conditions. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a romantic arc in there for him, somewhere. He really is charming. I always rooted for him and Will.

Production on the upcoming fourth season will begin this September. The season will premiere in 2012.

Source: Showtime