‘Bob’s Burgers’ Renewed For a Fifth Season


Before we even got a chance to bite into the juicy, meaty goodness of the season four premiere of Bob’s Burgers, we already have some tasty comedy morsels to look forward to next year.

Bob’s Burgers is being renewed for a fifth season. The uproariously funny animated comedy is the underrated anchor of Fox’s inconsistent Animation Domination block of television. While everyone pays attention to the Simpsons or the Griffins, the Belchers have been delivering laughs at a rapid-fire rate thanks to the stupendous voice cast, odd-ball writing, and fantastic music

The brainchild of the deranged mind of Loren Bouchard, Bob’s Burgers is a fiercely funny and fiercely original cartoon. It is weird, absurd and completely wacked out of its mind, but it always manages to be sweet. Season four of Bob’s Burgers premieres this Sunday at  8:30 pm

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