Bond of Silence

Drama, Biopic
A perfect suburban town is shattered when a party gets out of control and a family man keeping the peace is shockingly murdered. Six teens know what happened, and it's up to his grieving widow to break their silence.


... Katy McIntosh

Actor (N/A)

... Ryan Aldridge

Actor (N/A)

... Det. Paul Jackson

Actor (N/A)

... Jordan

Actor (N/A)


Actor (N/A)


Katy's husband goes to break up the neighbor's sons' wild New Year's Eve party and ends up dead. What at first looks like a heart attack turns out to be much more sinister her husband was beaten to death, and six kids are the suspects. When the police can't get the teens to break their silence, Katy goes after the truth herself and is shocked when the community turns against her.


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