‘Bones’ Plans to Air Four New Episodes Over the Summer

Emily DeschanelBones has a ton of story ideas — too many to fit in to the normal television season, it seems, as they will have four additional episodes to air that don’t exactly fit into the Season 7 schedule. So… Fox is gonna stick ‘em in the summer months. Why not? We need something to watch then anyway.

The Fox series has had a good deal of trouble with its seventh season already. Star Emily Deschanel’s pesky pregnancy forced producers to decrease the season’s episode count to thirteen. But now, they’ve decided that isn’t enough (it really is a much smaller amount than most network series seasons have) and they want to produce four more episodes to air in the summer months.

Bones Season 7 as it stands will air in two parts: the first will be a six-episode spurt airing this fall. The second will pick up in the spring and will carry out the remaining seven episodes until the end of the network season. But if the producers have their way, there won’t be a season untouched by Bones next year.

Executive producer Stephen Nathan has described the “summer mini-season” as independent from Season 7 not just in terms of production, but in terms of story. The thirteenth episode of the fall/spring Season 7 arrangement already in place will act as a season finale. Season 7.5, as it were, will act as a self-contained story arc.

Bones‘ confusing Season 7 picks up Nov. 3 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

Source: TVLine

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