‘Borat’s’ Larry Charles Handed ‘Outnumbered’ For Fox

Larry CharlesI’m a huge fan of British television. They have some of the best programming on the planet. They’re doing some stuff that American audiences can’t even begin to imagine. Of course, they also do some of the worst (thanks for X-Factor and American Idol, jackasses), but I’ll just focus on the positive aspects of it. And generally, I’m all for bringing British television across the pond and remaking it for an American audience. Of course, it has to be done with reverence to the original, have solid talent behind it, and respect the original without being stupid. It worked very well with The Office, perhaps it can be done again?

Larry Charles has been tapped to direct the pilot for Outnumbered, a popular British sitcom. Charles directed the amazing Borat and Bruno, prior to that he also wrote some of the strangest and craziest episodes of Seinfeld. Needless to say, he’s a great talent and should bring something amazing to the project.

Outnumbered is a (relatively) quiet and low key family sitcom that follows a couple who is overrun by their three children. Of course, shows about families with crazy kids usually ends up on TLC but Fox decided to go with it this time. The show seems to have a similar vibe to it like Modern Family, but it seems more chaotic than the hit ABC show. The original show has gotten mixed reviews from critics but is popular enough with the general audience. Hopefully, Fox won’t cut it off another brilliant show before it finds it foothold and is destined for cult DVD status.

Source: Deadline