‘Bored to Death’ Stars Hit the Road in New Poster

For those who really appreciate offbeat humor, Bored to Death will be considered a triumph. The comedy series with an astounding cast returns to HBO this October for a third season, promising the understated sarcasm and outlandish zaniness of the first two seasons: a rare combination that works like a charm in this situation. Jason Schwartzman leads the series as an all-but-failed writer who adopts the less-than-legitimate occupation of private detective work to cope with his recent breakup. Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson just sort of hang around, providing consistent insanity. It’s the perfect formula.

Things seem to be keeping pace in the new poster. Schwartzman is steadfast and surly, Galifianakis the neurotic manchild, and Danson is just drinking in every precious moment. Be ready for a terrific season, beginning October 10 at 9 pm.