Networks Preempting Regular Coverage For Boston Bomber Specials

Credit: Matt Rourke/AP Photo

In the wake of the manhunt that has put the entire city of Boston on lockdown, ABC, NBC, and CBS are adjusting their schedules to adequately cover the search for the Boston bombers. During the day all three will continue live coverage, and at least two will be airing specials dedicated to today’s events.

As of 1PM EST, ABC is planning to air a one-hour expanded version of ABC World News at 6:30PM as well as a special edition of 20/20 live from Boston at 10. They will also air live coverage into the AM with Nightline.

Over on CBS, anchor Scott Pelley will host a primetime CBS News Special Report called “Boston Bombers” from 9 to 10PM, preempting the drama Vegas. They will also be broadcasting a one-hour version of the CBS Evening News.

More as this story develops…

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