Brad Garrett Makes ‘Kids Say’ Crazy Things

Brad GarrettLooks like Brad Garrett is the new Bill Cosby? Bit too much of a stretch? Either way, Garrett will be hosting the next generation of the Kids Say for TLC that has been updated to include Youtube videos of kids doing crazy things. Because that is what the original was missing. Homes videos at 360p. There will also be kids reviewing movies. One can only hope they bring in Sexman.

Excuse me while I try to contain my excitement. Anyone have any tupperware?

And is it just me or is Garrett an extremely weird choice for a host? I don’t have anything against the guy, he was pretty funny on Everybody Love Raymond, but is he good around kids? Cosby was great because he’s this extremely lovable guy, basically everyone’s grandfather. But Garrett? He’s a giant and that voice isn’t exactly friendly. Then again, kids freaking out when he’s sitting there yelling “Do something funny!” (that has to be read in his voice) would be pretty entertaining.

Anyway, Ryan Seacrest is also an executive producer. Besides providing more fodder for Joel McHale at The Soup, this will only further Seacrest’s quest to be abreast of the best pest of the rest in the nest with a vest to digest and this was a detest test, I confess. Impressed? BOOM.

Source: Hollywood Reporter