Brad Womack To Try ‘The Bachelor’ Again

brad womackAfter each rejected contestant is delicately placed into the limo and sent home on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there’s always a little, tiny clip of them that’s filmed in the back seat where they say it’s the Bachelor or the Bachelorette’s loss. It’s meant to mask their regret for auditioning and getting cast on the show because the whole thing is entirely illogical and has a success rate of less than or equal to 1 couple. Sane people go home after the show, pick up their goldfish from their mother’s house, yell at their roommate for wrecking their car, and go back to dating the people who own dogs that get along with their dogs. Nobody has ever returned to the show to try it again because there is no point, and they’re smart enough to realize they prove they’ve debunked the whole thing.

But that was all true yesterday! Today, we learned Brad Womack from season 11 of The Bachelor has been chosen to be the bachelor again this season! You’ll recall Brad was the first (and so far only) contestant in the show’s history to reject both finalists instead of telling one of them they should get to know each other more instead of getting married. So why is he going back into the cabbage patch? He told Ellen DeGeneres today, “I believe it can work. I don’t care if people call me an idiot or don’t believe those words coming out of my mouth. I truly believe that it can work. So here are 25-30 women that I never ever would meet in regular life and I’m clearly doing something wrong. I’m still single. So why not? I really do believe that this can work.”

Someone Law and Order this man! Nice try, Brad, but you can’t mistake someone for an idiot like you can mistake the salt shaker for the pepper shaker. Is everyone and their poodle with me on this or no? He has two women to choose from in 2007, chooses neither, then signs on to do the whole thing again because he believes it can be successful even though it wasn’t? NEVER HAVE I EVER.

Source: Access Hollywood