Bradley Cooper Texts With Robert De Niro: Late Last Night

Bradley Cooper told Conan about what it’s like to text message with Robert De Niro. Apparently, the storied actor just likes to type in ALL CAPS because “HE IS AN ANIMAL!!”

Jim Parsons talked with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night about his new play on Broadway, “The Normal Heart,” and how he doesn’t get nervous in front of Jimmy Fallon. But, Kevin Kline? That’s a different story.

Keith Olbermann stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman and shared just what exactly happened with that whole MSNBC cancelling his show thing. And hey, who knows, he might end up back on MSNBC because it turns out, Olbermann’s past employers tend to hire him back after they fire him.

Ed Helms chatted with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show about how he was viciously attacked by a dead (and stuffed!) raccoon. But beyond that, how his friend got attacked by the same freakin’ raccoon.