Brandy Eliminated From ‘Dancing with the Stars’

I’ll concede that even though I said otherwise up until this moment, Bristol Palin has been better than any one of the other dancers eliminated on this season of Dancing with the Stars. But if you thought Rick Fox going home was SHOCKING, get ready to find out something even more shocking than getting a bottle of tabasco sauce as a party favor. BRANDY WAS ELIMINATED FROM THE COMPETITION LAST NIGHT. No, I’m not confusing them! I know they both start with “BR,” but the way I’m keeping it straight is by thinking the one who’s still around would benefit from taking a few swigs of the girl who was eliminated.

Brandy was quoted, “I am numb. It’s going to hit me tomorrow. I don’t have any regrets. I gave it my everything I had. I am so proud of Maks and of me, and I say that humbly. I’ve tapped into a power that I thought was gone. I’m so thankful for that.” Even the judges admitted they were surprised, because Brandy was great from the get-go, and it’s hard to imagine the trophy going to someone who hasn’t been great throughout the entire competition. But it’s never been a secret that viewers enjoy it when contestants start off the season struggling to complete their routines, and get better over the course of the show. This is perhaps the main reason why Bristol and Kyle have remained in the competition — they’ve improved the most, whereas Brandy has been consistently excellent…which, while nice for her, doesn’t touch upon any of that “triumphant ending” or “journey completion” stuff.

So next week, we’ve got the final three: Bristol, Kyle, and Jennifer. If this week repeats itself next week, we’ll be saying goodbye to Jennifer Grey and the trophy will go to either Bristol or Kyle. Who would you like most to see walk away with the trophy?

Source: TV Squad