‘Braveheart’: The TV Show

BraveheartWilliam Wallace only needed one thing: freedom. But clearly he’s also on board with a TV deal, as a Braveheart television series is in the works.

In 1996, Braveheart beat out astronauts, pigs, Jane Austen and Pablo Neruda as the Academy’s Best Picture. Since then, the movie has lasted as a modern classic. And now, in this era where television’s clout is on the rise, Braveheart will get a scripted drama series, centering on the life and backstory of hero William Wallace (played in the film by Mel Gibson).

The project is being created by Mick Davis (writer/producer on the American incarnation of the sci-fi series Eleventh Hour). Davis intends to take a closer look at Wallace, delving into his personal history in the years leading up to his iconic battle for Scotland’s independence.
It does seem as though the series looks to offer something new, but it’s hard to say whether or not Wallace is a character audiences really want to see examined. While Braveheart has maintained popularity over the past 17 years, there haven’t been a lot of questions posed about the hero or his journey. But TV adaption has worked for another classic in the genre, so who’s to say?

Source: THR