Bravo Has Picked Three New NYC Housewives

carole radziwillWhen Cindy Barshop joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City, the other housewives were understandably kind of mean and made sure she understood that there was a strict “pecking order” in place, and clarified that she shouldn’t expect to enter the group and immediately have everyone’s respect. Eventually, the women started being nice to her, but there was still the occasional fight about who was sitting there first and what is an appropriate time to have breakfast with your girlfriends when it’s a weekday.

But since Bravo is bringing in three new women for the show’s fifth season instead of just one (and because there is safety in groups), this means Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan won’t be in the majority anymore and so perhaps they won’t have the ability to torture the newbies as well as they tortured Cindy. Maybe the veterans will have no choice but to just swiftly inaugurate the new women into the group and call it champagne supernova and just be done with it. But that all depends on who the new women will be, and if the New York Daily News is correct, the new housewives are more than capable of rounding out the group.

NYDN maintains that Bravo’s three newcomers are Carole Radziwill (at left), Heather Thompson and Aviva Drescher. Radziwill used to be an ABC News producer, and she married Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ nephew. Thompson is the fashion designer who created the Yummie Tummie (a shapewear line), and she has two children. And Drescher is what’s referred to as a “Wall Street” wife, which is a title that’s exactly like Pogs in that it’s something that used to totally dominate a party.

As expected, Bravo has not commented on the rumors. But perhaps we won’t even know anything until the first episode and we see the sexy head tilt movements they’ve paired with their introductory phrases (which will definitely be like “Wall Street? More like My Street” and “The Kennedys may be dead, but I’m certainly not.” Yeah, this replacement isn’t going to be so terrible after all.

Source: NYDN