Watch ‘Breaking Bad’ Get That ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Ending We All Joked About

Breaking Bad Season 5 Alternate Ending, Malcom in the MiddleTVweb/YouTube

Remember when we all scoffed at the idea of Bryan Cranston playing the lead in a drama about meth manufacturing? No? Well, television has come full circle this past weekend with the release of a Breaking Bad alternate ending that see’s the landmark television series ending just a tad differently.

In a DVD extra from the upcoming box set, we see Walter White, filled with empire-building bravado, tell a rival drug dealer to “Say my name” before the scene shifts to Hal, the hapless dad from Malcom in the Middle, waking up in a cold sweat and recounting to his wife the horrors of a dreamed up version Albuquerque. A place where the Cranston incarnation was a dangerous (yet still pantsless) meth dealer, and a waif dressed in his older brother’s clothes slung around phrases like “Science, B-word!”

Jane Kaczmarek reprises her role as Lois and still has all of the bristle and edge she had back in Malcom in the Middle’s heyday. It’s fun to hear some of Breaking Bad’s most memorable moments through Hal’s perpetually terrified perspective, and it’s also great to see Bryan Cranston, after five years of slowly becoming a brutal meth dealer, instantly reverted into a quivering puddle of mush that can’t even manage to curse in front of his wife.

Hats off to the loving homages to Breaking BadMalcolm in the Middle, and the comedy of Bob Newhart in this new clip. We’ll miss you, Walt.