Watch Dean Norris Spoil ‘Breaking Bad’ Ending — And Have Hair! — in New Funny or Die Video

Dean Norris may glower and sulk as Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad most of the time these days. But the dude really has a sense of humor. In a new video for Funny Or Die, Norris decides to dispense with all the annoying requests for spoilers about how the show will unfold and just tell us the ending. Apparently, he himself has written the final episode, and it involves a hot blonde who wants to have sex 500 times, a talking skateboard, a trip to Mars, and Walt (now played by Norris) calling Hank “the best cop there ever is…and the strongest one too.” Oh, and Hank has hair! 

Dean Norris Funny Or DieFunny Or Die 

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