‘Breaking Bad’ Meets ‘Seinfeld’: These Methamphetamines Are Making Me Thirsty! — VIDEO

Jesse PinkmanYou ever notice how when you’re running a drug empire, your wife is always trying to drown herself in order to get her children shifted to the custody of your in-laws for their own protection? What is the deal with that?!

If you caught Sunday night’s fantastic episode of Breaking Bad, then the scene that probably stuck most prominently in your mind was the morbidly hilarious family dinner with sociopathic meth cook Walter White, his desperate and dead-inside wife Skyler, and tortured ne’er-do-well Jesse Pinkman. Wacky stuff…

… or overwhelmingly dark. As Walt and Skyler shared contemptuous glares across the table, poor Jesse tried to alleviate the tension by making small talk about his frequent intake of frozen dinners. The scene was so uncomfortable that it was bound to spark a few laughs. In conjunction with the awkwardness, the mundane conversation material spouted by the anxious Mr. Pinkman seems to have reminded viewer Edmond Hawkins of another monumental television series that has mastered these themes: Seinfeld.

Below is a Breaking Bad parody spinoff titled Pinkman, which combines the tumultuous characters from the ABQ with the style (and laugh track) of the New York City sitcom. For fans of both (or either, really), it’s a must-see.

[Photo Credit: AMC]


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