Walt Jr. From ‘Breaking Bad’ Did a Weird, Sexy Photo Shoot

Breaking Bad RJ Mitte photo shoot

Breaking: Part 2 of Season 5 of Breaking Bad isn’t about Walter White, at all. Due to a photo shoot that was released on actor RJ Mitte‘s Twitter feed on Monday, we can now confirm that Season 5 follows Walt Jr. as he heads down a sex, drugs, and Hot Topic-fueled path of rebellion.

Tired of the declining quality of his breakfasts, Walt Jr. leaves New Mexico behind and heads to Los Angeles, where he instantly enters a wormhole back to the ’90s when punk rock glamour shoots were still a thing. Walt Jr. and Skyler don’t find him, of course, because they are terrible parents.

Don’t believe us? Check out the photos from Dark Beauty Magazine below:

Breaking Bad RJ Mitte photo shoot

Breaking Bad RJ Mitte photo shoot

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[PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter(3)]

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