‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5: What Are Walt and Jesse Up To? — EXCLUSIVE PICS


When Breaking Bad returns to AMC for its fifth season on July 15, fans will find out exactly what the next chapter has in store for Walter White (Bryan Cranston). Season 4 concluded by wrapping a few things up for the high school teacher-turned-drug kingpin, but the finale also opened up the door to a few more questions. How dark is this series willing to go? And what is it willing to do to its characters?

These new exclusive images from Breaking Bad might not reveal much, but there is a great deal to be inferred from the lower picture of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), looking ever-so-livid. Chances are, this has at least something to do with Walt. To what new depths will the meth underworld of ABQ sink this year? Excitement is brimming.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad


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Breaking Bad