‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul: From Meth to Missionary

ALTThere aren’t too many career paths you can explore when your entire résumé consists of gigs selling methamphetamines. You’d think that “religious figure” and “government operative” would be no-go situations, but surprisingly, one of television’s most embraced drug dealers is pursuing a future (technically, a past) in both: Deadline reports that Aaron Paul, who plays the beloved Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman, is considering the lead on the new HBO drama pilot The Missionary, from writer Charles Randolph (The Life of David Gale, Love and Other Drugs).

On the show, Paul will play a missionary (that‘s why they call it that!) based in Berlin who gets involved with the CIA during the Cold War. This is kind of a 180 from his character on the AMC sensation, who is, what some might call, a listless dirtbag. But that doesn’t mean that Paul hasn’t picked up a few moves from Pinkman that might come in handy in the special ops world (Breaking Bad spoilers ahead)…

Undercover Work

During Jesse’s “darkest” period (and that’s saying something), he infiltrated a drug addict support group, posing as a fellow rehabilitator, to find new clientele for his meth-selling business. If he can apply that practice to gathering government info, Paul might fare well in the CIA.

Code Names

When fans first met Jesse, he was known around the streets of ABQ as “Cap’n Cook,” famous for his pepper-laced brand of crystal meth. Considering his association with the likes of Heisenberg, Krazy-8, Combo, and Skinny Pete, Paul is pretty experienced in the world of code names.

Survival Skills

Breaking Bad creator/showrunner Vince Gilligan’s original plan was to kill Jesse Pinkman off in the first season. However, at some point, Gilligan realized that the character (and its performer) were vital to the spirit of the show. You’ve lived on for three (and counting) years past your expiration date, Jesse. This skill will serve you well in the battle fields.


Jesse, you poor, misguided soul. How did a talented illustrator and a… well-meaning high school graduate get wrapped up in a game so dark and heavy, that he was actually posed with pulling the trigger on an innocent bystander, just to save his potentially homicidal partner in crime? Needless to say, this kind of cold-hearted killing that’ll help Paul fit right in with the men in black.

Breaking Bad begins its fifth season on July 15 at 10 PM on AMC.

Jesse Pinkman

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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