‘Breaking Breakfast’: A Deep Dive into Walt Jr.’s Morning Meal

When you hear Breaking Bad’s Walter White (Bryan Cranston) say “Jesse, we need to cook,” there are two things he might be talking about: meth (that is what the show is about, after all), or the more likely option, his son Walt Jr.’s breakfast.

Despite manufacturing and distributing drugs, embezzling money, cheating, and embracing the general chaos that is the lives of Walter and Skyler White, the unhappy couple are constantly worrying about whether Walt Jr. has enough pancakes. Breakfast is a pretty big deal on Breaking Bad, after all: it gets just about as much screen time as Junior himself.
Hollywood.com knows that you need your fix of Walt Jr.’s breakfast fix, so we did some digging and pulled together this fabulous supercut of the most important meal of the day for the White family. Every. Single. One. So sit back, grab some Raisin Berry Crunch (unless it’s, like, the wrong brand), and enjoy the best of Breaking Bad’s breakfasts:


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