‘Breakthrough with Tony Roberts’ Coming to NBC in July

tony robertsDo you know what the only thing better than a weight-loss show is? No, it’s not a kitty in a bathtub full of the beans from a beanbag chair. It’s a motivational self-help show that’s hosted by the universe’s favorite…”grow a pair” advocate, Tony Roberts. And starting July 27th, NBC will air ‘Breakthrough with Tony Roberts,’ a show where Tony and his experts travel the country to help people to stop their night eating and prank calling their exes. (The show has nothing to do with kitties in bathtubs. Sorry if I over-stimulated you.)

You’ll remember the last time we saw Tony Roberts (unless you’ve been attending his seminars) was when he played himself in ‘Shallow Hal,’ where he helped un-shallow Hal in an elevator. Even if the show on NBC is an iota as fantastic as that scene — where Tony Roberts clamps his Shrek hand on top of Jack Black’s head and screams at him like the Fee-fi-fo-fum giant in “Jack and the Beanstalk” — it’ll still be a win for everyone.

But it also sounds like it’s got a bit in common with NBC’s other new and inspirational series, ‘Losing it with Jillian.’ Of course, Roberts probably won’t command the people he’s working with to run on a treadmill until they puke or pull him like a dead dog across a field…but even if he did, I’d watch it because that’s great TV, and watching average-sized people get instructions from a behemothly tall person is the best thing to watch in bed while your partner snores loudly and unforgivably next to you. And that’s an issue for everyone.

Source: EW