Brenda Strong Slips Up About Eva Longoria’s July Wedding in Paris

Desperate Housewives star Brenda Strong has let slip cast mate Eva Longoria‘s 2007 wedding date details–by inadvertently revealing it falls a day before her own wedding anniversary.

Longoria became engaged to basketball player Tony Parker last week and revealed the couple is planning a summer wedding in her fiancé’s native France next year, but has refused to name the date.

But careless Strong has let slip the fact the wedding will be in Paris next July, after revealing she hopes to celebrate her own wedding anniversary at her pal’s big day.

Strong, who wed her husband Tom Henri in 1989, says, “The great news is that her wedding date is one day before our anniversary, so we’ll get to actually spend our anniversary with them in Paris.”

It’s not the first important date Strong, who plays narrator Mary Alice Young on the show, shares with her cast mates–she and Marcia Cross both celebrate their birthdays on March 25.

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