‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Recap: Who Gave a Golden Globe-Worthy Performance in ‘The Bet’?

Brooklyn Nine NineEddy Chen/FOX

Brooklyn Nine-Nine pulled off the surprise of the night when the show won two Golden Globe awards this weekend: Best Comedy, and Best Actor in a Comedy for Andy Samberg. On the plus side, these wins have all but guaranteed the show a second season and a larger audience, but on the downside, “The Bet” needed to be good enough to justify the wins. Luckily for both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and its fans, last night’s episode was a great blend of hilarious and heartwarming, and it just may have been the best Peralta episode yet. 

Remember way back in the pilot when Peralta and Santiago had a bet going to see who could get more felony arrests? It’s okay, neither does Hitchcock. Well, this week, the writers resolve the bet subplot, and after a last minute prostitution ring bust guarantees Peralta the victory, he gets to revel in his prize: the opportunity to take Santiago on the worst date ever. Fortunately for Santiago, the date is interrupted when Holt sends Peralta on a stakeout, and he decides to drag her along. Meanwhile, Holt is throwing a party at the bar for Boyle, who has just won the Medal of Valor for his work catching the Freestyle Killer, but Boyle’s painkillers mean that he is articulating every single thought that comes into his head. And Terry has conveniently forgotten to let his wife know that he’s back in the field, a fact which Holt accidentally reveals at the party. 

Which characters managed to upstage the confetti cannons, children’s choir, and surprise stripper to become the MVPs of “The Bet”? 

Jake Peralta
Samberg has a lot to live up to after his surprise win this weekend, but luckily for him, his first episode as a Golden Globe winner delivers. He and Melissa Fumero have always had great chemistry, and they did a great job establishing the close friendship the two have developed from working together, as well as subtly hinting at the possibility of a budding romance. Perlata works best as a character when Samberg balances his arrogance and goofiness with the right amount of lovability, and “The Bet” manages to hit that sweet spot between all three. 
– Peralta: “Your handshake is quite firm.” Santiago: “I took a seminar.” Peralta: “Where?!”
– Attempting to suck up to Captain Holt: “You’re looking stoic today, like a wise, old oak.”
– “Hey Santiago, do you have any dietary restrictions that Medieval Times should know about?”
– Peralta celebrates winning the bet by setting off a confetti cannon, and proposing she go on “the worst date ever” with him using a ring he spent $1 on. He then chauffers her around his car, to which he has attached a sign saying “Just Lost a Bet” and several strings of tin cans. 
– The first part of the date includes getting an official date portrait taken, featuring Peralta and Santiago both playing one saxophone. I think the precinct has found their Christmas card. 
– Boyle: “How much money have you spent on this date?” Peralta: “Like $1400, but it’s all on credit cards so it’s like $5 a month for the next 2,000 years.”
– Peralta is renting a tiger cub by the hour. He doesn’t know what for yet, he’s just waiting for inspiration to strike. 
– Santiago: “So glad to be out of that dress. It was weirdly hot.” Peralta: “Yeah, that’s probably because it’s a cotton and plastic blend.” 
– After Peralta and Santiago have a fake fight in order to capture the smugglers, one of them remarks: “I’m sad y’all are arresting me, but I have to say, I’m glad you’re back together.”

Captain Holt 
After last week proved that Holt doesn’t understand and is uncomfortable around puppies, “The Bet” introduces us to something else he is completely flustered around: marital disputes. Andre Braugher is always a delight, but watching him attempt to dig himself out of a hole with Terry’s wife while still remaining completely deadpan took everything to another level. 
– While the rest of the precinct seems delighted by Sgt. Peanut Butter, Holt mostly seems confused. We imagine it’s because he doesn’t have a sensible name like Richard or Dan. 
– After accidentally revealing to Terry’s wife that he’s back in the field: “Oh. I’ve caused a problem. I think… I am… getting a text message. Bloop! Ah, There it is.” It’s hard to say what’s funnier about this bit: the fact that he stole the idea from Boyle, or just the idea of Holt making a “bloop” sound to sell the idea of getting a text. 
– Holt: “Perhaps I should stop talking to your wife.” Terry: “That’s a good call. Captain.

Boyle and Gina
“The Bet” puts the show’s two weirdest characters together; after Boyle’s painkillers result in him blurting out every random thought he has, Holt puts Gina in charge of taking care of him at the party. Boyle’s earnestness is perfectly matched by Gina’s sarcasm, and together these two have some of the best moments of the night. One of the best things about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is that characters are often stronger together than apart, and the writers clearly enjoy coming up with odd partnerships just as much as the actors love playing them. 
– Gina, after Boyle starts insulting people: “Oh, I know. This happened to my dad when he had his vasectomy un-reversed.”
– Gina: “I would love to see Boyle get punched!” Holt: “Try again.” Gina: “I will stop Boyle from getting punched?” Holt: “Correct.”
– Peralta: “You live in your ex-wife’s new boyfriend’s basement. I’m not taking advice from you.” Boyle, to the room at large: “I’m ashamed of my living situation!”
– Boyle: “Have you seen Rosa?” Gina: “Rosa died eight years ago. Let’s get you a drink.”
– After Scully asks Gina to “tag in” to the dance: “Not even if it would cure cancer.”
– Boyle manages to bail out both Terry and Captain Holt by chastising Terry for lying to Sharon, and then complimenting her on her “incredibly attractive hands.” After they make up, Sharon threatens that if Terry ever lies to her again, “I will leave you for this short, earnest man and his ex-wife’s new boyfriend’s apartment.” 

Sgt. Peanut Butter
Like Li’l Sebastian before him, Sgt. Peanut Butter proved that there is almost nothing in this world funnier than a celebrity horse with a nonsensical name. Especially one that poops on stage during the Medal of Valor ceremony and then gets fêted by the United Nations. We hope to see much more of you in the future, Sgt. Peanut Butter, for you are truly a hero.